Service Details

Special Educational Needs and Disabilitiy Service


The SEN team provides a service that ensures identification and assessment of special educational needs are completed to statutory timescales. We provide a range of advice and support to schools on all aspects of identification and assessment of pupils with SEN including:

Statutory assessment of children with SEN

Placements of children with statements of SEN/EHC Plans

Statement Management Service

Statement Monitoring service

Advice and Conciliation service

SEN finance – statement support (delivered in partnership with CYPS Finance Team)

Management Information (delivered in partnership with Management Information Team)

Use of SEN Panel as a decision making body

Strategic Planning – planning the long term provision for pupils with SEN in the borough

Management and oversight of Young People's Learning Agency (YPLA) funding applications to independent specialist colleges.


The SEN team have a range of skills and experience in dealing with SEN legislation and provision within Lambeth.

We provide a high quality, accessible service for efficient identification and assessment of pupils’ special educational needs and the appropriate provision to meet those needs.

More Details

Traded service
We can provide training and INSET sessions for school staff and parents according to individual school needs. The SEN Team will normally provide these at no cost. However, this will largely depend on the amount of resources required to deliver the session.

Training might include a range of special education needs (SEN) related issues for schools, governors, parents or other groups – such as:

Statutory assessment and placement process

Statement monitoring and annual reviews

SEN funding

SEN Tribunals

part IV of SEN statement

Transfer of pupils from primary to secondary provision at 11+

Core service: The following areas of activity are provided to school free of charge:

Co-ordination of statutory assessment process

Referral to SEN Panel for agreement to initiate statutory assessment

Collation of assessment reports

Progress chasing

Parental liaison and communication

Preparation of draft statement

Referral to SEN Panel for identification and allocation of appropriate support

Placement of pupils with statements of SEN

Identification of appropriate placement following SEN Panel direction

Consultation with schools regarding naming of schools under part IV of SEN statement

Transfer of pupils from primary to secondary provision at 11+


Local Authority (LA) representation at annual review meetings for pupils with statements of SEN

Advice on annual review and transitional review arrangements

Advice and support

Strategic issues, funding, legislation and the code of practice

Assessment co-ordination, school placement for pupils with statements of SEN, management information for planning purposes, and SEN Tribunal Process.

Contact Details

Adam Yarnold, Head of SEN Service, Tel: 020 7926 9579, Email: