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*NEW* Schools Inclusion Fund
16 Aug
This guidance document will explain how to apply for the new School Inclusion Fund. This fund is open to mainstream schools in Lambeth for children who are at SEND Support or have additional inclusion needs that require pastoral support beyond your current offer. This fund is to help expand your offer and to children who may have entered mid-year, may require an approach that is not currently part of your SEND offer, or needs additional support that will ensure full inclusion. Also available is the School Cluster Inclusion Fund. Here a cluster of schools can apply for an amount of money to support their schools in an area of training. We are targeting Neurodiversity and SEMH for this fund. Decisions to agree funding will be made by a panel of local authority and school personnel. We will evaluate the use of this funding over the pilot period and will expect parents and children to be part of the evaluation. The School Inclusion Fund will be led by Sue Franklin, Head of Educational Psychology and Pupil Support Services and Betsy Nelson, Behaviour Consultant. Applications will be made via a bespoke Extranet Site which will be published mid September 2019.
Support Staff Pay award April 2019 Part 2
03 Jul
Colleagues Please find two documents in relation to Greater London Provincial Council salary rates. The NJC pay award agreed a two-year percentage increase and incorporated a joint review of the NJC pay spine. Employers’ and Trade Unions that make up the NJC for Local Government Services have determined a new pay spine and this has been adapted by the Greater London Provincial Council.
London Governors' Newsletter - Summer 2019 Half Term Update
10 Jun
The London Governors' Newsletter has been commissioned by London Coordinators of Governor Services (LCOGS) to provide our governors with a summary of recent national developments. The Summer 2019 Half Term Update is now available to download and includes information about: - Ofsted Updates, including the new inspection framework. which will come into effect in September 2019. - School Exclusions - Academy Updates - Resources and Funding Updates - News in Brief I hope you find it informative and useful.
Presentations - LSP Working Together Meeting for Governors
17 May
Thank you to all those who attended this term’s meeting for chairs and clerks. On this page, you can download the following presentations: Lambeth Schools Partnership Update – Summer 2019 Director, Education and Learning’s Briefing/Update – Summer 2019 The Summer Term "Working Together" Report has been released and can be found here. The Report highlights the Lambeth Schools Partnership's Working Groups: Teach Lambeth Challenge for All Raising The Game Coordinating CPD & Training Offer Strategic School Governance Working Together - Event Management Raising The Game has released two short videos about their work: Aim High Primary Diversifying The Curriculum
Lambeth Schools Partnership - Working Together Report - Summer 2019
16 May
The Lambeth Schools Partnership Working Together Report is published termly by the Director of Education & Learning. The Report provides a clear and concise briefing for Governors and Headteachers on national and local issues and their duties and responsibilities. Summer Term 2019 Recommendations for Governing Boards are on Page 6: Ofsted School Exclusions Health & Wellbeing Governor Vacancies Financial Management Parental & Community Engagement Headteacher Performance Appraisal Lockdown & Critical Incident Policies Local Authority & Partners Traded Services Offer