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Information Governance
Information Governance covers the important areas of Data Protection, Information Security, Freedom of Information, Records Management and Information Sharing. With the Information Commissioners Office having the power to fine organisations who do not keep data safe, as well as a public who are much more aware of their information rights, Information Governance is a critical area for schools to get right.
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GDPR: DfE guidance: Data protection: a toolkit for schools
24 Apr
This document has been released as a Beta version. This means that we are confident that overall, the document adds value in achieving its aims of supporting schools to better manage data protection and to implement the new elements of data protection associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and associated Data Protection Bill which will replace the current Data Protection Act 1998. We are also aware that as a first version it needs to be: • tested by schools for readability and ease of use • viewed by a wide range of stakeholders who are interested in ensuring that schools deal with data protection robustly and efficiently Feedback obtained during those processes will help iterate and improve the toolkit. Hence, alongside the publication of this document, an informal consultation exercise will run until Friday 1 June 2018. The initial feedback gathered will be used to inform a revised version. The document is also likely to be refreshed once the Data Protection Bill is finalised. After that, we anticipate that it will still be a ‘living document’ and there will be further opportunities for improvement over time. Whilst the document is currently long, it has been created to include a number of case studies and annexes that the schools who have contributed to the toolkit have found useful. It is intended that schools may choose to read the bits most relevant to their own maturity in managing data protection. If you wish to comment on the content of this document then please provide feedback to data.modernisation@education.gov.uk with the subject heading “GDPR toolkit feedback”. If your comments refer to specific content in the document, please reference the page number(s) to identify the area to which you are referring. Please return comments by Friday 1 June 2018. We may not be able to provide individual responses to feedback, but all feedback will be read, considered, and inform future thinking as appropriate.
Guidance: Fasting in Ramadan 2018
24 Apr
Advice and Guidance from Lambeth SACRE for schools when meeting the needs of Muslim pupils during Ramadan
London Governors' Newsletter - Summer 2018
22 Apr
This is the Summer 2018 edition of the termly newsletter for school governors commissioned by London Coordinators of Governor Services (LCOGS), which provides governors with a concise summary of all the latest national developments relevant to school governance.